Campi all’Omona is a young winery located in the heart of Alta Maremma in Tuscany. Its grapes are grown on mostly hilly land that are not always easy to cultivate but give generous fruit if managed while seeking to protect and enhance biodiversity.

The company was established in 2011 after the gradual but profound restructuring of family property by the current owner, Giulio.


He earned his degree in oenology and viticulture in 2008, after which he decided to reintroduce vines to the land that had been their home until the end of the eighties, thus fulfiling his dream of creating a product “from start to end”, from the choice of the vine to the marketing of the final wine.


The desire to personally create quality products by following, step by step, every stage of the production process, starting with the choice of the vine and the type of clone, up to the marketing of the final wine.

All this work is flanked by a deep respect for the land, which implicates choosing products that are not harmful to beneficial insects, not using herbicides and carrying out interventions with plant-protection products as little as possible.


The care and attention dedicated to each stage of the process are the natural expression of this desire, as well as the constant search for improvement that makes every effort less “burdensome”.

Respect for the land is the value that must accompany every shot of a hoe. Giulio Rosati


Campi all'Omona

I.G.T. Toscana Rosso

2015 (1500 bottles)


Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in percentage not less than 80%Petit Verdot and other red berried grapes in a percentage not exceeding 20%.


Grapes harvested by hand in 18Kg boxes. Harvested in two different periods of September: first decade for Merlot and third decade for Cabernet Sauvignon and other vines.


French oak barrels of 225-400 liters for 12-16 months and 8 months in bottle


I.G.T. Toscana Rosso

2015 (prod. 1400 bottiglie)


Sangiovese 100%


grapes harvested by hand in 18 kg boxes in the second ten days of September


8-10 months in 5 hl terracotta jars and 4 months in bottles

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